Crepes, Coffee, Gelato, and Sandwiches.

Crepes - Sandwiches - Coffee - Gelato 

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Jane Marks


After graduating from Swiss hotel college in 1991, I spent the following 20 years working in the hospitality industry in hotels, restaurants, and famous fast food chains. The knowledge that I gained through the years gave me the confidence to open my first establishment during the Millennium in London. It was called Soupendous and I served over 360 people in an hour and a half. In 2016 I moved to Scottsdale with the idea of opening up another venture. The location determined the type of food on offer. Being a Brit, I knew I could not compete with American Breakfasts and salads so the idea of bringing Europe to Scottsdale was born!

I believe strongly in pursuing the natural road to eating. Upon opening the cafe I slowly began to realize that an abundance of the population have some sort of food allergy or intolerance. I introduced Gluten Free Crepes, Gluten and Sugar Free Gelato, Coconut and Almond Milk. My smoked salmon is all natural. No antibiotics, additives or colouring. It is   imported from the UK and NEVER frozen.

What we offer


The café serves French Crepes, Italian Coffee and Gelato (made by a Chef), Croissants and Panini Sandwiches. I believe strongly in using the most natural ingredients. I have just introduced chemical free sodas as well as using organic products and GMO free meats.

My smoked salmon is free from all antibiotics and raised without any additives, antibiotics or added colour.. 

The Gelato is made from natural ingredients and the sorbets are natural, vegan and gluten free.


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7240 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 
(623)313 8520

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